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Shadow Walker

  • Released:
  • 1987
  • The Shadow Robot Co. Ltd. developed a wooden leg-skeleton that is being powered by Shadow air muscles. This robot, conceptualized in 1987, is called the Shadow Walker. This robot stands at 5 feet 3 inches and has an upper body consisting of control valves, several computer interfaces, and control electronics.

    Shadow Walker was designed to help in the research and development of vital and important designs and methods of humanoid balancing and walking. Shadow Robot aims to make this robot function in a normal human environment and do repetitive things which humans don’t want to do.

    This robot is still in its infancy stage and considered to be a prototype with many potential issues still waiting to be discovered. The Shadow Walker has yet to take many steps, and developers say it has undergone refinement.


    • Shadow air muscles
    • Pneumatic powered robot
    • Pressure sensor panel with modified pressure dial gauges




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