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SmartPal Series : SmartPal VII

Picture ofSmartPal Series : SmartPal VII Picture: Rakuten, Inc
  • Type, Locomotion:
  • Wheeled
  • Released:
  • 2011
  • SmartPal VII

    Japanese industrial robot manufacturer Yaskawa Electric has developed the next generation SmartPal VII robot. This new robot features numerous improvements to its predecessor, the SmartPal V. As such, the new SmartPal robot can be operated remotely utilizing a Kinect motion capture system. The SmartPal VII robot was showcased at the International Robot Exhibition 2011, or IREX 2011, where it showed that it could clean using the installed system.

    According to its developers, the SmartPal VII robot’s arm can pick up objects from the floor and put them into a box. This is made possible by the kinetic motion capture system that controls the robot’s arm, something that is also found in its earlier version, the SmartPal V. Furthermore, this robot’s head has a stereo camera that can pan and tilt. It also has an IR sensor that is used to detect humans, while its moving parts are equipped with gyro sensors. These features allow the newest offering from the world’s largest industrial robot manufacturer to recognize its surroundings more effectively and move freely with much higher accuracy.

    Aside from this, the SmartPal VII robot has soft padding on its arms with embedded touch sensors as an added safety feature. Despite the advanced technologies used in this humanoid robot, its developers are still trying to determine the target market for the SmartPal VII, although use to assist and help people with the daily grind or work with them is most ideal.



    • Pan/Tilt Sensor Head
    • Stereo Camera
    • Infrared sensors
    • Soft padding
    • Touch sensors
    • Non-contact power supply
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