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Picture of TurtleBot Picture: Willow Garage
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  • TurtleBot is an affordable, personal robot kit that has open source software for the development of personal robotics. TurtleBot allows users to build robots that can see in 3D, bring food, take panoramas, drive around their house and have sufficient horsepower to produce exciting applications.

    TurtleBot has the best affordable hardware components to provide its user an autonomous, capable platform for building robot applications. TurtleBot comprises of a sensored iRobot Create base, a gyro, an Asus 1215N laptop (dual core processor), a 3000 mAh battery pack, a mounting structure and a kinect sensor.

    TurtleBot combines well-known robot components such as iRobot Create, Microsoft's Kinect and Yujin Robot's Kobuki, and integrates them to make the most of each. Multiple mounting locations allow users to customize TurtleBot to their own needs. Moreover, the personal robot kit allows its users to tap into the support and creativity of the ROS Community.

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