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Tux Droid

Picture of Tux Droid Picture: Firebox
  • Type, Locomotion:
  • Animal
  • Released:
  • 2008
  • Tux Droid

    In 2008, Kyosh Robots of Belgium released Tux Droid, a Linux wireless tux mascot. It has a completely programmable interface, allowing it to perform specific functions. It supports both Linux and Windows-based computers.

    This wireless mascot, through its different gadgets, can be used by users to test their programming skills. The users can develop various applications or even hack its firmware. It is equipped with a microphone and infrared receiver to facilitate a wireless digital link between the USB dongle. Eye and wing movements are possible with switch sensors triggered by pressing on the wings.

    More than a toy, the Tux Droid is a mascot that combines entertainment and programming through the gadgets and programs incorporated into it.


    Features of Tux Droid:

    • Gadget manager
    • Weather forecast
    • Tells time through clock gadget
    • Checks email
    • Voice recognition
    • Gadget maker toolkit
    • Firmware updater wizard
    • Converts text to speech
    • Available in 11 languages


Tux Droid



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