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Picture of UNISROBO Picture: via Plastic Pals
  • Released:
  • 2011
  • Dubbed by many robot enthusiasts as a PaPeRo rip-off, the UNISROBO proves to be more than what it is verbally labeled. It was created through the collaborative efforts of UNIS, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Just Good Technology. The robot, launched in 2011 at the Chinese High-Tech Expo, earned both praise and criticism.

    Despite the criticism, UNISROBO shows strong promise of being a friendly home pre-schooling robot. Equipped with speakers on its side and an LCD on its chest, the robot can teach kids manners and English.

    UNISROBO is also able to perform tongue twisters for entertainment. Armed with ten separate artificial intelligence modules, it is capable of functions such as speech recognition and internet connectivity. The LEDs on its mouth, as well as its touch sensors, give UNISROBO the capability of responding whenever it is given a pat on the head.

    UNISROBO Features:

    • Speech recognition
    • Speakers
    • Touchscreen
    • 10 Artificial Intelligence modules
    • Internet connectivity
    • Remote monitoring applications
    • Touch sensors
    • Kid-friendly robot







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