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Picture of URIA Picture: Robotis
  • Type, Locomotion:
  • Humanoid
  • Released:
  • 2007
  • Short for Ubiquitous Robotic Information Assistant, URIA is one of the Korean robots that were developed to aid researchers. Robotis, Korea‚Äôs robotics company made this robot with various capabilities and sensors in order to get vital information. This humanoid service robot was made with a PC based network that may stand-in even from far.

    URIA has a function that enables users to log into it and manipulate this robot as if one was actually there. It can also allow users to perform video conferencing, thanks to its Wi-Fi capability, internet connection and the LCD screen monitor attached to its chest.

    An all-in-one Dynamixel actuator is also placed in order to gather information about its position, speed, temperature and input voltage. Additionally, this service robot is equipped with various sensors allowing it to provide information to its users. Standing at 57cm and weighing 5.5 kg, this robot is stable even on uneven terrain.

    URIA Features:

    • LCD Screen monitor
    • Windows XP
    • Dynamixel Actuator
    • Wi-Fi capable
    • Linked with MSN Messenger
    • Microphone, USB Camera and Speakers
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