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  • The V3 biped robot is Austrobot’s first version of their two-legged robot that has the freedom of movement equivalent to that of the lower body of a real human being.

    This Austrian biped robot, which has 12 degrees of freedom (DOF), was designed to have a close resemblance to the motion made by the lower body of a human. Its developer used two-axis accelerometers for the sensor in its hip and four force sensing resistors located at the base of each footplate.

    Two servos are also installed allowing this bipedal robot to have a better mechanical stability when it lifts its legs. The V3 robot’s framework is made up of acrylic sheets giving it a total weight of 1200 grams despite its dimensions being: height (30cm), width (21cm) and depth (11cm).

    V3 Features:

    • Acrylic framework
    • Bipedal
    • PC controlled
    • Two-axis accelerometer
    • Four force-sensing resistors


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