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Wabian 2

Picture of Wabian 2 Picture: Takanishi Lab.
  • Type, Locomotion:
  • Humanoid
  • Released:
  • 1997
  • Wabian-2

    The NEDO, short for New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization, commissioned Waseda University’s Atsuo Takanishi to design a robot that can simulate and mimic the walking motions of a human. This robot can walk like humans and get vital data and information that are needed in the development of instruments used in medical and rehabilitation instruments. Scientists can now measure and monitor the movement of the Wabian-2, or WAseda BIpedal HumANoid – No. 2, in comparison to measuring human movement that is quite hard to measure quantitatively.

    The motion and movement of the Wabian-2 is controlled and monitored by the computer that has been mounted on its back. This biped humanoid robot can perform exercises with humans, and test rehab equipment under development instead of a human. The Wabian-2 runs on Li-on batteries.



    • QNX Neutrino version 6.3 OS
    • 6-axis force/torque sensor at its ankles
    • Magnetic encoder, Gyro and photo sensor
    • Harmonic drive gear and timing belt pulley
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