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Wabian Series : Wabian R

  • Type, Locomotion:
  • Humanoid
  • Released:
  • 1995
  • Japan’s Humanoid Robotics Institute of the Waseda University created a human-sized bipedal humanoid robot called the WABIAN-R. The Japanese researchers made this humanoid robot with 41 Degrees of Freedom (DOF).

    It has a basic control method for its whole body, which cooperates to make it a dynamic bipedal walking robot. It utilizes its trunk or the trunk-waist cooperative motion to compensate for the tri-axial movement. This movement is not only generated through the movement of its lower limbs, but also through the timed trajectory of the arms.

    Because of these installed systems, this Japanese robot can walk normally, dance with a partner, wave its two arms and carry objects using its arms. Its trunk and waist coordinate properly to make all these actions possible.

    Additionally, this robot is capable of walking autonomously and does so in a shaky, side-to-side manner. The YKK Corporation was part of the research conducted by the HRI.

    WABIAN-R Features:

    • Bipedal robot
    • Speakers, cameras and microphones
    • Two hands
    • Two eyes
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