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Wabot Series : Wabot I

  • Type, Locomotion:
  • Humanoid
  • Released:
  • 1970
  • Short for Waseda Robot, the WABOT 1 robot is the predecessor of the WABOT 2 and is considered to be the world’s first full scale anthropomorphic robot to be developed. Ichiro Kato of the Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan headed the research in building this robot.

    This anthropomorphic machine consists of a limb control system and a vision system. It can even converse but initially it could communicate only in Japanese.

    The WABOT 1 robot is also capable of measuring the distance and the direction of the things it searches for. All these are possible thanks to its external receptors, and artificial ears, eyes and mouth.

    With its lower limbs, this robot is capable of bipedal locomotion. With tactile sensors installed on its hands, the WABOT 1 robot can grip and transport objects.

    WABOT 1 Features:

    • Limb Control System
    • Artificial eyes, ears and mouth
    • Distance and Direction sensors
    • Tactile Sensors
    • Grips and transports objects
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