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Wappy Dog

Picture of Wappy Dog Picture: Nintendo
  • Type, Locomotion:
  • Animal
  • Released:
  • 2011
  • Wappy Dog

    In 2011, Sega of Japan treats its avid clients with another entertaining toy robot, which is playable in its Nintendo DS console with the release of Wappy Dog.

    Wappy Dog is an interactive pet dog, which can be played in and out of the handheld console. This means that it can be used for simulation and as an individual toy robot outside of the console. The pet toy can be connected to the Nintendo DS console, where players can interact with the puppy until its adulthood. Inside the console, the robot dog is able to play mini games. It exhibits loads of tricks and songs, and hundreds of possible reactions are available.

    The physical version of Wappy Dog can be customized with various colors and accessories. The owner can train and care for the interactive pet by allowing it to evolve its personality, skills, and happiness, and to increase its usability in the game console. Its vocal barks, as well as its tail-wags and tricks, make Wappy Dog an ideal robot pet for gaming console addicts, robot enthusiasts, and pet lovers alike.


    • Five varied age states accompanied by varying reactions, songs, and voice change
    • Eighteen conversational prompts answered with over 350 evolving responses
    • Barked responses translated by Nintendo DS software
    • Customizable in and out of game
    • Learns new songs and tricks


Wappy Dog


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