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Picture of Xianxingzhe Picture: People’s Daily
  • Type, Locomotion:
  • Humanoid
  • Released:
  • 2000
  • Xianxingzhe

    The Chinese National University of Defense Technology, based in Changsa, Hunan, produced the first bipedal robot of China in the year 2000. It was known as Xianxingzhe, which, when literally translated in English, means forerunner.

    Xianxingxhe was hailed as a major breakthrough in China’s robot development history. It is able to walk, and sports complete hands, a nervous system, and visual sensors. Despite this feat, the unveiling of China’s first two-legged robot was most remembered due to the criticisms it received, primarily from Japanese robot-makers. The Japanese called this robot Senkousha, based on their translation of the Chinese characters for the robot.

    The negative criticisms and the satirical comments thrown on Xianxinghe, specifically on its crotch cannon, later led to obsession and popularity for the bipedal robot. Soon, there were video games that used Xianxingzhe as a character. There were toys and paper weights sold in Taiwanese and Japanese markets. This robot proved to be a real forerunner.



    • Stands 140 cm tall
    • Weighs 20 kg
    • Walks at two steps per second
    • Capable of bipedal walking
    • Equipped with visual sensors




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