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  • Released:
  • 1999
  • Zephyrus

    Shadow Robot Company played a huge part in the development of pneumatic robots through its six-legged robot, Zephyrus, which it launched in 1999. This robot served as a test bed for implementing various methods of powering small robots through air.

    The frame of Zephyrus is comprised of the polymek construction kit, which is only available in the United Kingdom through Unilab. The internal system of this robot is composed of various constituents, mainly chips, which work together to give the robot its full functionality.

    Its serial interface is RS 232, used to reprogram the chip. It has indicator LEDs that serve as signals when debugging is needed on the Stamp Chip. The air valves utilize the shadow air muscle, giving the robot greater tolerance to air pressure. Five two-way valves serve as the locomotive system.

    There are other planned developments for Zephyrus, and news is circulating that Zephyrus 2 will soon be completed. Certainly, the entire robotics community will wait for its launch. The robotics enthusiasts will anticipate the new features the six-legged robot will sport.

    According to the Shadow Robot’s official website, Zephyrus is now working for the entertainment industry.



    • Uses shadow air muscle
    • 2-way valves for movement
    • Indicator LEDs for debugging






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