About robotics today

In order to promote robots, we designed an international webportal that provides a publishing platform for anyone that is involved in robotics or automation with the latest information about robots, robotics and those who make it happen. It combines a social network with a robot database, an overview of all robot-related projects, events and developers involved, including the latest news.

Our aim is to create a clear overview of the current status of robot development worldwide and to give a realistic view of what we might expect of the role of robots in society. In this way we hope to reach not only professionals working in robotics but also the general public, potential investors and entrepeneurs.

Anybody can promote themselves but nothing says more than the actual results you have achieved.

That is why the social part is not limited to creating profiles for people and organisations but also offers individual profiles for every robot, robotic device or other robot related products you have been working on and to connect them to all involved.

Are you the CEO of a world-leading robot producing company, a professor or someone that likes to play around with a robot hobbykit in the basement of your home? To us, you are all evenly important and your ideas, creativety and opinions count.