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HOAP Series : HOAP 2

Picture ofHOAP Series : HOAP 2 Picture: Fujitsu
  • Type, Locomotion:
  • Humanoid
  • Released:
  • 2003
  • HOAP 2 is the second robot in the Fujitsu series of humanoid robot platforms. Developed in 2004, it has a weight of 7kg, a height of 50cm and contains 25 DOF.

    Fujitsu created HOAP 2 with RT Linux as its Operating System which can also be connected through a USB interface. Its internal Local Area Network (LAN) is also modified for the addition of new actuators and sensors.

    HOAP 2 is also equipped with new software known as the Humanoid Movement-Generation System which enables the humanoid robot to learn a wide range of movements.

    The Central Pattern Generator (CPG) and the Numerical Perturbation Method (NP) are the neural networks developed in HOAP 2.


    • Smooth movement capabilities on neck, hands and waist
    • Easy to program and simple initial start up
    • Ability to walk on flat terrain
    • Can grasp thin objects such as brushes and pens
    • Can perform sumo movements
    • Ability to kick a ball
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