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About Robotics Today

Robotics Today is a free promotion and news publishing platform for anyone related to robotics or automation with the latest information about robots, robotics and those who make it happen.

This includes a robot database, an overview of all robot-related projects, their developers involved and the latest news. 


Mission Statement

- Inform the General Public about robotics technology

- Get people intetested in robotics education and projects

- Promote companies and research facilities

- Promote robotics events



The aim of Robotics Today is to create a clear overview of the current status of robot development and to give a realistic view of what we might expect of the role of robots in society. In this way we hope to reach not only professionals working in robotics but also the general public.


Largest Robot Database in the World

With more than 1100 robots, RoboticsToday.com has become the largest robot database in the world.


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At this time, Robotics Today includes:

- 509 Companies
- 437 Research Facilities
- 82 Organizations
- 13 Groups

of which 750 are Developers that have been actively involved in the research and development of 1175 Robots and 99 Projects


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