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Why join Robotics Today ?

Robotics is one of the fastest growing businesses today. 

You can play an active part in this worldwide robotics network by joining us and show the world your achievements, news and more.


Here are just a few of the things you can do:


Promote Your Work

Are you in involved in the development of a robot or robotics project ?

Are you a professor, a student, hobbyist or in any other way connected to the robotics industry ?

You can promote yourself by creating a personal profile and let people know who you are and what you are working on. Publish your own news and publications about the projects you are working on, the robot you are building or the subjects you are interested in.


Promote an Event

Would you like to promote an exhibition, competition or any other event ? Create an Event Profile for it to make sure everybody knows about it.


Promote Your Company

If you are a representative of a company or other commercial organisation you can promote it by creating a Company Profile and start adding product descriptions, news, projects and more.


Promote a Non-Profit Organisation

If you are a representative of a non-profit organisation you can promote it by creating a Profile and start adding robots, devices, news, projects and more.

You can create a profile for a Research Facility like a University or Institute, promote an international organisation or a local hobby group.



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